How we want to spread the results, experiences and "end products" of the project?
1. In the learning partnership directly partners will present her experiences and results in the area of the advanced training and continuing education to the interreligious dialogue in her respective organisation, in particular at level of the management and professional pipelines. The final report is also introduced there.
2. The organisations involved in the learning partnership will communicate the experiences and results in her respective field of work contexts and professional contexts e.g., on local, regional and national networks in. Good Practice examples of the partners should be presented in the committees and nets.
3. It is an aim that information about the learning partnership and about the continuing education of full-time is put in the area interreligious dialogue on the respective web pages of the partners and that this in the available media of the partners (e.g., newsletter, technical periodicals; round mail) are published. Thereby they become known to the circle of the for life learners.


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